Canadian Carrier Rogers First to Offer Unlocked iPhones

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Canada-based carrier Rogers and their subsidiary Fido will begin allowing their customers to unlock their iPhones after the purchase for a fee of $50.

The information in the screen above does not explicitly mention the iPhone, rather it lists smartphones, laptops and other devices. However, website iPhone in Canada claims to have confirmed this after talking to some folks who handle unlocking for Fido.

There's a list of things that the buyer must have in line: an account in good standing, have paid the un-subsidized/no term cost for the device at least 30 days prior or finished their contract period among other things.

From there, customers must contact Rogers' help line, from there, Rogers contacts Apple and gets the okay on the unlock. After that, the iPhone is plugged into the computer and synced to iTunes for unlocking.

Currently, carrier unlocks are a bit more complicated State-side, and is currently limited to certain model phones: 

How to: Unlock iPhone 3G and 3GS on iOS 4.2.1

Still, it's been known to cause battery drain issues, for which a fix has been released: See that here.

We simply recommend that those with unlocked iPhones just don't upgrade to iOS 4.2

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