Charging Up: Where to Find the Best iPhone Car Chargers

The iPhone has been hailed for its ability to unite features, mold together a variety of communication functions, and centralize a whole range of computer utilities into one mega-device.  One thing that it is not commended for is its battery life, which is often less than people would wish for.  As a way of dealing with that most iPhone users try to keep a charger with them at most times so that they can manage their iPhone battery life and keep it at their sides.  The best way to keep up the iPhone battery life is to keep it plugged in during transit with the help of an iPhone car charger.  This iPhone car charger plugs directly into the "cigarette lighter" slot in their front console, allowing battery power to transfer into their smart phone.  Here is a look at where you may find some of the best iPhone car chargers available.

Apple maintains a centralized, almost monopolistic control over their devices, which means that in this case the Apple Store is still the best place to find iPhone car chargers in general.  Though they are offering basically third party developers for the iPhone car chargers, you can still be ensured that these are going to be choice devices because Apple has selected them personally.  You have a range of some of the best iPhone car chargers available, and you can start at a relatively standard base price of $25 to more for a complete "travel kit."

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Apple Store iPhone Car Chargers and Power Accessories

If you want to find a better selection of iPhone car chargers then you may want to go outside to boutique e-store that deal with large number of iPhone accessories, especially those with a focus on iPhone battery life.  If you want to find some cheap iPhone car chargers then you will have to step outside the normal pattern as well because their tends to be standard pricing at AT&T and the Apple Store.  If you take a look at a more general cell phone website like Cell Phone Shop, then you are going to find a large listing of cheap iPhone car chargers that can definitely meet your budget.  The reality here is that some of these cheap iPhone car chargers have prices down to only a few dollars, but they are definitely not going to be the most reliable out there.

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Cheap iPhone Car Chargers at Cell Phone Shop

If you are really looking for the best iPhone car chargers around there are a lot of companies that are trying to claim that title, but only a few that really step up to the mantle.  Griffin Technology and the Power Jolt for the iPhone has been noted for its reliability and is even represented at the Apple Store.  What is nice about it, beyond the fact that it can work as an iPhone car charger or one for the iPod Touch, is that you will have the ability to actually remove the USB adapter and use it independent of he car plug.  This allows it to be your primary iPhone sync chord if you would like, simplifying the process even further. 

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Look at the Griffen Power Jolt iPhone Car Charger

The idea behind an iPhone car charger is to make the car a prime location for your iPhone to be stationed at, even though it is becoming illegal state by state to actually operate the phone while driving.  Try to find an iPhone car charger that you can keep in your car at all times and then another portable charger that you can bring with you on trips or to work, that way your iPhone battery life will be safe for when you really need it.

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