Dev-Team’s Latest iPhone 4.2 Jailbreak Gets New Beta, Still in Testing Phase

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Yesterday, we talked about the iPhone Dev-Team's latest build for their upcoming RedSn0w untethered iPhone 4.2 jailbreak. We advised readers to stay away from it with the understanding that it is in its testing phase and is therefore VERY buggy.

The only reason we would suggest running the jailbreak is if you have a backup device that you don't mind losing some functionality on, and you want to help the Dev-Team by finding bugs and leaving comments clearly explaining to them what you came across and how. This will help my moving along the bug testing process, and making it easier to get a fully functional jailbreak out sooner.

Once again, because the jailbreak is not in its completed form, we will not be posting a how to. Still, if the paragraph above sounds like you, then by all means, drop by the Dev-Team Blog and consider checking out the jailbreak: Here.

We should also note that this jailbreak should not make a difference if you are on an iPhone 3G or certain models of the iPhone 3GS, because those devices already run the jb untethered. We have more information on currently working jailbreaks, and which phones will run untethered, check out our how to links below:

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4.2

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