For What It’s Worth: iPad’s Vs. Galaxy’s Perceived Value

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Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray — last seen toting up Black Friday sales figures at Apple Stores — have some more statistics to serve up.

Munster's team polled 65 consumers who don't yet own a tablet computer.  They present the poll group with an iPad 3G and a Samsung Galaxy Tab, asked which tablet the consumers preferred — then also asked what they felt a fair price for each should be.

Not surprisingly, the iPad — still riding on a tsunami of press and hype — was the more desirable of the tablets, by an almost 6-1 ratio.  (No notes on how many polled said "Samsung actually MAKES a tablet?")
As for the "perceived value" of each: even though there was only a US$30.00 difference in MSRP between the two tablets, those polled felt the iPad's US$699.00 price tag would be more realistic rolled down to US$417.00 (a 34% discount) — while the US$599.00 Galaxy should retail for around US$283, more than half off the asking price.

The study has already drawn fire from critics for, among other things, the diminutive consumer sample size and the fact that an entry-level Wi-Fi iPad (US$499.00) is closer to the poll group's perceived value. (Munster's response to the latter: "We note that the Galaxy Tab is not available in a Wi-Fi only model, which would compare to the Wi-Fi only iPad at $499. That said, we would expect the results of a similar survey conducted with the less expensive Wi-Fi only iPad to amplify the difference in perceived value relative to the MSRP. In other words, the perceived value of an iPad is actually slightly closer to its base-MSRP than our survey suggests.")  One commentor may have said it best: "Who are the types of people who haven't bought a tablet yet? I'll tell you one big group, those who don't perceive the value to be as high as the price! Duh!"

What a bunch of clowns.

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