Fun Tricks to Play on Your Family Member’s New iPad or iPod Touch

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In honor of our three favorite funny guys

It’s after Christmas, and chances are that someone in the family got an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone. That’s cool, but now it’s time to play some pranks on them. Nothing too harsh, just a little something that will freak them out a little. Whether it’s an App designed to startle them or just ask what the heck is going on. It’s all in good fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the Apps and ways to prank the iOS user in your family:



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1) Cracked Screen

Jailbreak version: You will need to jailbreak an iPhone or iPod Touch on iOS 4.2 (How to jailbreak iPhone 4.2 tutorial here). Then you can search Cydia for Cracked Screen (It’s under the BigBoss repo). From there, you simply take a screenshot of the Home Screen (here’s how to do that) and open it in the App to simulate a cracked screen. It’s not the most convincing effect in our eyes, but it will definitely freak out an unsuspecting victim at first glance. 

Non-Jailbreak: You probably won’t be able to find an App on the App Store that simulates a cracked screen. However, it’s pretty easy to find a screenshot that looks like a cracked screen. Andy Hargreaves, a poster at Mac Rumors put together this little screen. Simply follow the link and save that image on the victim’s iPhone. Then open the image while using the device and give them a worried, “Oh, man, I just broke your iPhone” kind of face.

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2) iSteam 99 cents

This little App has seen some amazing success, and we have no idea how it took off. We have nothing against it, we think it’s awesome that whoever came up with it found themselves on the road to success because of this App. Still, who ever would have thought that a simple little App that simulates condensation on your iPhone’s screen would be so successful? The App isn’t created for the purpose of pranking someone, but it can be used that way. Download and run the App, then you can go to your victim and say something like, “Did you just leave your iPhone in the bathroom?” as you carry it to them with a foggy screen. It even has a realistic wipe effect so that you can write stuff on the screen with the condensation.



3) Moving App Icons with Graviboard

This one also requires a jailbreak (how to jailbreak iPad 4.2), but can lead to some fun times with siblings and their new iPod Touch or iPad. We talked about this one a few weeks ago, and it’s pretty funny. Graviboard makes the App Icons slide around the screen. It’s sure to throw them for a loop if they don’t know what’s going on.



4) X-RayFX Lite – Free

This is a fake X-ray App made to fool an unsuspecting user. You launch the App and put your hand in front of the iPhone. Then you tilt to move the onscreen image around, and pretend that the device is actually capturing an X-ray image of your hand right before their eyes.




5) Scary App: The iPhone Prank – 99 cents

This App is designed to look like a skill test that forces the player to increase their focus on the iPhone’s screen. As they play, they are carefully watching their actions and concentrating on the task at hand when suddenly, BOO! A screaming face appears making them crap their pants. 


Bonus:  Any Remote App While The Victim is On the Computer

Well, let’s say that YOU are the one with the new iOS device. Lucky you. For one, you know some of the pranks that your siblings may be trying out on you. Two, you now have one for yourself. Pick up any remote App.  Though we will warn you, the prices are rather steep for App Store stuff. Still, they are very useful, and can be used to mess with other members of the family. 

Our favorite is iTeleport. It currently runs at $19.99, but has many uses beyond pranking your little brother while he’s on the computer.

You can remotely control any PC or Mac from your iDevice after setup. Nothing is funnier than pretending to just be browsing around on the iPad while you are really launching a stupid YouTube video. Or just pretend that the computer is doing weird random things on its own while your little brother stares in horror.


We’ve used it ourselves while friends are over, and just launch Yatta videos while they are sitting next to the computer. It definitely throws them off for a second.


Don’t Get Fooled

Don’t let them trick you with these Apps. Just the same, don’t let the prank backfire. For instance, you don’t want to hand them your iPhone and tell them to play Scary App. The last thing you need is for your Auntie Marie to freak out and fling the iPhone across the room as she tries to regulate her heart rate.

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