Game On! Unreal Development Kit Will Aid iPhone Game Coding

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The next "Gears of War"-class hit videogame may emerge, not on a Wii or PlayStation, but on your iPhone.

This Thursday, Epic Games will release the latest version of their Unreal Development Kit, a free game-building SDK with some new tools to create iOS-optimized graphics and animations.  Says Epic co-founder Mark Rein, ‚ÄúApple‚Äôs App Store is the most vibrant market for mobile gaming.  If you‚Äôre going to make a game for a mobile device, and you want to make the most money, you‚Äôre nuts not to make it for iOS.‚Äù

(We agree: check out our review of Epic's Infinity Blade for iOS…)

There's no licensing fee to develop games with the Kit, or even tinker with it under the hood — but developers who want to sell any games built with the Kit must pay a $99 licensing fee and kick back 25% of any royalties after the first $5,000 in sales.

Will Epic release a similar SDK for Android coders?  Not in the immediate future: Rein points to the fragmented Android hardware compatability issue, as well as file size limits in the Android Market that keep out code monsters — including, yes, Infinity Blade.  But Rein also indicated that a Droid-flavored UDK is not an impossibility if and when Google solves said issues.

[Via the Wall Street Journal]

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