Handful of Lonely Planet City Guide Apps Available for Free Right Now

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Like free iPhone Apps? 13 of the the Lonely Planet Europe City Guide Apps, which provide travel information such as offline maps, recommendations on places to see and things to do as well as images and editorials from Lonely Planet writers are free for until 1pm on December 23rd.

It's a kind gesture that is meant to help travelers who are stuck in the snow in Europe right now. Regularly $15 an App, this is a steal.

Below are the links:

Amsterdam Guide

Berlin Guide

Copenhagen Guide

Dublin Guide

London Guide

Moscow Guide

Munich Guide

Paris Guide

Prague Guide

St. Petersburg Guide

Stockholm Guide

Vienna Guide

Warsaw Guide


This isn't the first time they've done this. When that volcano erupted a while back, causing a thick cloud of ash to delay flights, they did the same thing

We have a list of travel apps for December, here, and we will soon be featuring our favorite Travel Apps of 2010, so drop by again.

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