History Lesson: iPhone Facts And Figures

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Website Monitoring just posted a comprehensive history of the iPhone on their blog, from its MacWorld unveiling in January 2007 to the iPhone 4's debut last June.  Wow, hard to believe it's been just under four years that the iPhone's been around, so omnipresent it's become; it's still not the market leader in overall phone sales, but its design innovations and bountiful assortment of applications has helped it set the bar that other phone manufacturers are reaching for.  (You never hear about a "Blackberry killer," f'rinstance, but it seems hardly a month goes by without another would-be "iPhone killer" hitting the market.)

Along with comparisons of the four generations of iPhone model and worldwide sales, the blog post offers up the follow bits of trivia: Apple spent $150 million dollars to develop the iPhone — and another million to obtain the iphone.com domain name. In its first three days of availability, the iPhone 4 moved 1.7 million units. That's a whole lotta antenna bezel "death grips. "The App Store now hosts 300,000 apps — and has seen a staggering seven beellion downloads of said apps. Safe to say that the iPhone isn't going away any time soon…

Get a load of the graphic after the jump, it's effin' huge!

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