5 Ways the iPad is Being Used in Hospitals

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Ever since the launch of the iPad, we’ve been seeing new and interesting uses for the tablet device. The iPad has done everything from making a 100-year-old woman a computer user to helping teach kids with autism and even giving cats a cool game to play.

iPad For Medical Use

We aren’t talking about medical Apps for the iPad, that’s another thing entirely. It’s more along the lines of the story of the doctor receiving help from his colleague when he needed to know how to perform a very difficult surgical procedure.

Let’s take a look at how Hospitals Are Using iPads:

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1) Maintaining Medical Records 

We’ve also heard about the possibility of hospitals using the iPad to help doctors keep medical information and patient records on hand with the device rather than having to use a clipboard. In fact, shortly after the iPad was announced, it was rumored that Apple was trying to market the device to hospital buyers.

2) Hospital in California Using iPad for Patient Care

Aside from always having patient medical records on hand, the iPad can replace laptops that doctors may otherwise have to carry around. Director of Technical services at Kaweah Delta Health Care District, Nick Volosin, said that because of the portability and 10-hour battery life, it can make a great tool for doctors. He says it can be used for anything from basic email to looking at X-rays, EKG results and even give users access to their desktop with Citrix virtual desktop software, which lets doctors access their computer from the device.

3) Education and Treatment

Other stories from the tech realm involve the iPad being used by hospitals to educate patients on disease, or to show younger children what a doctor and a nurse are through pictures, so that they can be more familiar with their new surroundings. More importantly, devices like the iPad have been able to aid by keeping the child’s mind off any pain associated with a treatment.

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“Um…this one may bea  bigger problem than we thought.”

4) Constant Communication With Doctors

The Mayanel Hayeshua Medical Center in Israel recently began using the iPad as well. Their computer department, along with an external company, was able to program the iPad to work directly with Microsoft’s Chameleon software. This gives them the hospital’s database on the iPad. With the software, doctors can access patient information such as X-rays and ultrasounds. This is best used when the doctors are out of the hospital, but on call.

In one reported example, a doctor was able to check the X-rays and CT scans of a patient in the ER. The patient, who had a broken hip, ended up needing a hip replacement. After the treatment, we was able to quickly follow up, to check on the results.

5) Hospital Construction

The iPad has also been used by the NoliWhite Group, a company specializing in building healthcare facilities, to plan and construct hospitals. It will let them access information remotely over 3G or wifi as well as viewing virtual rooms for planning. Furthermore, it is also said that it will reduce paper use, which will cut costs on the first such project by about $179,000.

This is Only the Beginning

As the iPad becomes more popular, and as more tablet computers enter the market, we will see more such uses. Right now, the iPad is the most common, most recognizable, device of its kind. The size and portability seem just about right for doctors who are used to carrying clipboards, and the versatility is there for facilities with their own computer departments and the resources to program software like Mayanel Hayeshua Medical Center did.

It won’t be long before we see tablets in some form or another being used more widely.

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