How to Beam Any Video to Apple TV From Your Mac

AirFlick as a new application by Erica Sadun, who you may remember released AirPlayer for Mac last week. AirPlayer allowed users to stream content from their iOS device to their Mac via AirPlay by using the computer’s Bonjour networking capabilities.

Will third-party applications and clever reverse-engineering beat Apple to the punch? Probably, but no doubt they are trying to make their way into the living room with technology like this.

Today, she has made it possible to stream any kind of video to a Mac with AirFlick with no need for jailbreak. Which is currently in alpha, and available here.

1) Launch the AirFlick App once downloaded.

2) AirFlick will search for your device, in this case, Apple TV.

3) Use the drop-down menu within the AirFlick window to select Apple TV.

4) Now, plug the file path (if it’s on your computer) or url (if it’s online) of the video you want to view into the designated text field.

5) Hit the play button.

Know that because the software is still in alpha, it’s a bit rough. It may not work immediately and you will probably have to hit the play button a few times if that happens. Still, it gives you a way to stream video from your Mac to Apple TV.

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