Care Tips for New iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Owners

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If you got an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for Christmas, chances are you have a few questions about it. There's also a good chance that if you're a dude, you didn't even take one look at the instructions. It's okay, we are all guilty of that from time to time.

We just want to share a few little tips with you, things that may help you keep your device in working condition. Some is obvious, while other stuff isn't so obvious. If this is your first such device, things that may make perfect sense to someone who uses gadgets all the time, may not even occur to you.

Let's take a look at a few things that will help you keep your device in tip-top shape:

1) You Will Need a Computer

Everyone who has an iDevice knows this by now. However, new users may not be aware of it. When you first take your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad out of the box, you will need to plug it into a computer with your iTunes account information in order to get it working. That means, if you are out of town for the holidays and you don't have your laptop, and your relatives don't have a computer, you are SOL.

The good news is that if your relatives do have a computer, you can at the very least use your device, but you won't be able to do much aside from browsing the internet and checking your email. See, your device links directly to your iTunes account (You don't think Apple sold you that thing so you can go use it with someone else's software, did you?). If you just need to get through the Christmas weekend, you can download iTunes on a relative's computer and sync your device. For now, at least you will have a functional iPad for the time being. When you get home, you can simply restore the device and sync it to your iTunes account.


2) Don't Leave Device in Bathroom During a Shower

This may sound silly, but we mean it. Don't leave your device in the bathroom during a shower no matter how far from the tub you iDevice is. While this one is immediately obvious to gadget geeks, the casual user may not stop to think about the condensation that can build up inside the phone. Typically, it affects the camera, but enough moisture in the air, such as steam building up in a shower, can damage the phone completely. It's happened in some areas where the humidity is very high. And guess what? Apple can tell.


This image described by iPad care, iPhone care, iPod Touch care, protect ipod, protect ipad, iphone temperature warning, iphone scratch, iPhone screen crack, Iphone_temperature_warning


3) iPhone Temperature Warning (Applies to All iOS devices)

The first step is prevention. Don't leave your iDevice in a hot car or anywhere else that's prone to excessive heat. It's just not good for it. However, there have been cases in which the warning pops up for no apparent reason. There are a few fixes for this:

    a) Your iPhone was left out in the heat, and it needs time to cool down. Leave it alone for a while, and don't expose it to excessive heat. It should be okay.

    b) If the iPhone is not overheating, but you still see this warning, you may have to do a hard reset. Simply hold down the power button (top corner) and the Home Button. Hold them until the phone shuts itself down. When you restart, you're problem should be fixed.

    c) There may be a problem with the mechanism in the iPhone that detects heat. If for any reason this sensor believes that the phone is becoming dangerously hot, it will give you that warning. Best thing to do at this point is to call Apple.


4) Error Codes

Sometimes, you get a message that says something about an error, and is followed by a number. Error codes are much to long to cover in the space we have here, but we have talked extensively about them in the past. You can check out some solutions to common iPhone error codes here: Common iPHone error messages and what they mean.


5) Watch Where You Place that iDevice

Here are a few little things to remember.

Don't laugh, they happen to all of us: Try not to leave your iPhone on your lap when you are driving. This usually results in a cracked screen when you try to get out of the car and drop the thing on the blacktop below.

Don't put your iPhone in the same pocket as your keys, unless you want a beautiful scratch on your screen. (On the bright side, only the first scratch is painful).

It's probably a good idea not to place the device face down on a surface if it doesn't have a case. This can lead to minor scratches over time.


6) Know That a Scratch is Almost Inevitable

It's like having a new car. Everything is so perfect. Shiny, clean…well, rocks fly at windshields, shopping carts roll across parking lots and people open car doors into the side of your ride. It sucks, but it happens. Chances are that if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, a device you will likely be carrying around everywhere: work, school, home, vacations, the gym, there's a very good chance it will get a scratch or two it its lifetime.


Now What? 

Have fun, download Apps and enjoy the device. If you're on Christmas break, take the time to kick back and relax before you have to go back to school. If you're Mom or Dad? Well, kick back and enjoy the next few days off. Rent some movies on iTunes, browse the internet, read an eBook. It's all good during the holiday season.




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