iDevice Tips and Tricks for New Users: Basic Usage Tips for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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If you are new to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, this may be your first time at iSmashPhone. If that's the case, thanks for dropping by. We're an iPhone blog, but we tend to cover various Apple devices as well as Android and webOS.

That said, you may have stumbled here because you needed some help with your iOS device, which was a Christmas gift. Over the next few days we are going to be putting together some guides for new iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users that will hopefully get them used to their new gadget. Users who already know their way around iOS may already know much of this, but those who are new to the platform will definitely find some great information.

Because we are an iPhone Blog, we've written quite a bit about the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In fact, we've written so much, that if you have any general questions, we've probably talked about it in the past.

Hit the jump to check out some of our favorite tips and tricks for new iDevice owners. Keep in mind that though many of them are labeled "iPhone" and "iPad," many of these tips will work with an iPod Touch as well.


 iPhone Home Button Tips and Tricks: 

    iPhone Home Button Tricks

    More iPhone Home Button Tricks


iPhone Battery Life Tips:

    iPhone Powered Case

    Prolonging Your iPhone's Battery Life


iPad Battery Life Tips:

    Apps for Monitoring Your iPad Battery Life


iPhone Tips and Tricks

    8 More iPhone Tricks You May Not Have Known

    12 iPhone Tips & Tricks 


iPad Tips and Tricks

    Easy iPad Tips for New Users


How to Use FaceTime

    How to Use FaceTime on iPhone 4

    How to Use FaceTime for Mac

    How to Use FaceTime on iPod Touch 4G


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