iPhone 4.2 Jailbreak: Untethered RedSn0w Released, But May Be Best to Hang Back

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The iPhone Dev-Team released the latest version of the RedSn0w jailbreak over Christmas weekend (Merry Christmas!), but there are a quite a few issues that seem to be plaguing the release. That could be because it's a tester version.

The Dev-Team mentions that this version of RedSn0w implements the "backup plan" to the 4.2.1 untethered jb. Currently, it's only available for Mac users (for the sake of keeping things manageable), so those of you on a Windows system will have to wait, but that's probably the best thing to do anyway.

The nice thing is that it's untethered, unlike the current form of the 4.2 jailbreak, which you can learn how to perform here (iPhone 4.2) and here (iPad 4.2).

Because it's a tester version, and we can't recommend trying it out thanks to the current bugs (look below for some of the known issues), we will not be posting a how to. You can, however, visit the Dev-Team blog (link) and find out how to do it through them. Just know that we think it would be best to wait, unless you have a secondary iOS device you don't mind testing on. It would benefit the entire community as the Dev-Team needs all the help that they can get in finding bugs to squash.

It's also worth noting that if you have an iPhone 3G and certain models of the iPhone 3GS (look at our how to jailbreak iPhone 4.2 linked in the paragraphs above for more information on compatible models) you do not need this, because the jailbreak is already untethered. 

For information on what a tethered vs untethered jailbreak is, please read this guide: Here.

Known Issues listed after the jump


– Netflix App Crashes

– Mobilesubrate Crashes

– Bluetooth disabled

– App Switcher crashes device

– YouTube doesn't currently work

– AirPlay does not work

– Videos on camera roll do not work

– iPod Player doesn't work on iPhone 4 or the iPad

– Some App Store Apps Not Working

– Some devices getting stuck in boot loop

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