iPod Nano Hack Takes it One Step Further, Learning to Install Custom Firmware


Yesterday we learned about a developer by the name of James Whelton, who had managed to modify the iPod Nano’s Springboard interface to remove one of the icons.

SInce then, developer Steven Troughton-Smith has managed to hack his iPod Nano to run a custom firmware. It’s still not useful at this point, but it does show that the iPod Nano can be loaded with something other than stock firmware.

Remember, that the iPod Nano does not run on iOS. Rather, it’s a modified version of the old iPod OS designed to behave like iOS in some places.

Here’s how he was able to install it:

1) He held down the restart buttons until he saw the black screen and a double reboot.

2) He used a modified version of jailbreak iRecovery to install an extracted operating system on the device.

3) The file was designed to boot the device into the white screen shown in the video above.

Right now, that’s about as far as things have gone. Unfortunately, it still can’t be used to do anything major, and developers have yet to find an exploit in the iPod Nano’s OS that would allow a jailbreak to be installed. So close, yet so far…

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