iPod Nano Hacked, More to Come


The current-gen iPod Nano has been hacked by developer and hacker James Whelton. It's nothing major yet, but all hacks start somewhere as they open the door for all sorts of new possibilities.

You can see the image above, in which he modified the device's Springboard interface. Here's what Mr. Whelton had to say: 

Next is the discovery in some of the device’s plists of reference to support of Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calender events and so on, with a few other cool things like a passcode lock. With the bypass I figured out, I hope to enable these pretty soon. It seems like the OS is a rehashed version of the previous Nano’s OS.


That last part is in line with what we heard in the past. may remember a while back when we learned that the iPod Nano does not run on iOS.

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