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As we all know, the Mac App Store is right around the corner. Today, Apple updated their developer news and announcements page with new information regarding both iOS and OS X App development.

Developers can use the same name for their Mac and iOS Apps. The reason, of course, is to make the App recognizable to potential buyers. 

Here's what they say:

Dec 7, 2010

Using the Same App Name for Mac and iOS Apps

You can now submit a Mac OS X version of your app to the Mac App Store with the identical name as your iOS app on the App Store. Having the same name for your app on both the App Store and Mac App Store allows you to maintain the consistency of your brand and makes your app easily recognizable to customers.

Then there are two more updates, but nothing particularly major on for the non-developer:
Dec 7, 2010

App Store Submission Tip: Preparing In App
Purchase Items for App Review

All In App Purchase items are reviewed each time they are submitted. The following submission tips will help you better prepare your In App Purchase items for review:

  • If you are using In App Purchase for the first time, be sure to submit both the In App Purchase items and the binary at the same time. Don't forget that every item you want to offer must first be created in iTunes Connect
  • If you are submitting your In App Purchase items for a binary you plan to upload at a later time, choose the 'Submit with Binary' option in iTunes Connect. This will ensure that the application and the In App Purchase items go live at the same time
  • If your In App Purchase items are delivered from your server, be sure that it is on and ready so that the App Review Team can access your In App Purchase items
  • Provide clear and accurate screenshots and descriptions for your In App Purchase items
  • Do not submit test versions of your In App Purchase items for review

Editing Metadata Once You've Submitted an
App for Review

Once you have submitted your app for review, there is certain metadata which cannot be edited, such as keywords and the name of your app. However, some metadata can be edited at any time, such as screen shots, your marketing description, and your support URL.

Review Appendix A and Appendix B of the iTunes Connect Developer Guide for complete details on when you can edit or update app metadata.


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