Need to Prove Something? “I Am Rich” App Hit Windows Phone 7

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Story of the $999.99 iPhone App

Developers can release just about anything so long as the App does what the description says it does. Case in point, I Am Rich. An App of the same name was originally released for the iPhone several years back. It ran for $999.99, and promised to do absolutely nothing.

We can't really say it was a scam, because it did, after all, tell potential buyers that it does nothing. Unfortunately, at least eight people bought the $1000 app. Whether they thought it was a joke, thought the idea was so ridiculous it couldn't be real, whatever their reasoning, they were all $1000 poorer.

Deja Vu

It's happening again, this time the App is hitting the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. It's also called I am rich, but it's only half the price of the one that was released on the iPhone back in 2008. Whether the price was decided by the person who released the application because $499.99 sounded like a good price, or if it's simply the maximum amount one can charge. 

Word of Warning

Our only warning, these kinds of tricks are NOT fake. If you see an application like this one, just stay away. Don't even think about clicking it on the off chance that it's some sort of joke that's too stupid to be true. It's meant to sucker people into clicking on it "just to see what happens." Squish every ounce of disbelief in your being and know that if you do click buy, you will be charged the amount stated.

Why Let Them On the Store In the First Place? 

We don't know. The truth is, Apple has pulled down such Apps in the past without warning. While some may defend it by saying it should stay up because it works as advertised. Still, there is no excuse for being a douche. Then again, people who buy these applications may not be the brightest crayons in the box.  


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