Nintendo 3DS Pre-Order Now Available from GameStop Stores

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On the day after Christmas, some GameStop stores began their 3DS pre-orders. According to users on NeoGAF, a popular gaming forum often known for digging up breaking news, Nintendo's glasses-free 3D handheld costs anywhere from $25 to $50 to reserve, this seems to depend on the store (or perhaps the region?).

Unfortunately, there is no Nintendo 3DS Release date in the US. In fact the 3DS doesn't even have a price yet.

We will be sure to learn more about the device on January 19, when Nintendo holds their special 3DS press event in New York.

The 3DS is one of those cool pieces of tech we look forward to. Using a 3D screen without having to wear those glasses sounds like a great idea (the depth of the 3D can be adjusted, or eliminated altogether), and it may even help set the tone for future mobile devices and smartphones.

The unveiling of the device itself was one of our favorite mobile computing moments of 2010, and it will do a good job of competing for the handheld space if Nintendo keep the price reasonable.

Still, we did once write that we feel Nintendo gave Apple a big lead this holiday season by not releasing their handheld in time for Christmas.


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