On The Auction Block: Apple May Go Bargain-Hunting In Nortel Patents

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Canada' Nortel Networks, which has been under bankruptcy protection since January 2009, is in the process of auctioning off many of its tech patents, and mobile-phone powerhouses like Apple and Google are said to be pawing through the collection to see what they can scarf up.

While its doubtful that either or both company would buy every Nortel patent available (around 4,000, valued at US$1 beellion), one particular "bucket" of patents specific to wireless handsets and infrastructure could prove to be a ripe target for competitive bidding.

As usual, no one involved (Nortel, Apple, or Google) is publicly commenting.  Neither is Research in Motion (i.e. the Blackberry folks), who had discussed buying the patents in mid-2009 as well as arguing in favor of keeping Nortel's assets in Canadian hands.

[Via Reuters]

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