Ping It, Just Ping It: Apple’s Social Network Gets Lock On New Michael Jackson Track

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Let the grave-robbing…er, posthumous tributes…begin.

A new album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson music moonwalks out of the grave in mid-December, but the first (verified) single "Much Too Soon" is already making the rounds.  In this case, "the rounds" consists of Apple's Ping social network, who bagged exclusive rights to the tune.  (Presumably until a ripped copy pops up on your local torrent sight…oops, did I say that out loud?)

For those sick and tired of the Jackson family hoopla, a much better bet might be to grab the latest album from Jackson's THIS IS IT tour guitarist Orianthi (the blonde cutey seen shredding above with Jacko), who at last notice was still very much alive…

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