Police Use Helicopter to Capture iPhone Thief

This image described by Police Helicopter iPhone, Police helicopter, iPhone thief, A Vic Police helicopter was used to track down an iPhone thief

Police in Australia tracked down an iPhone thief using a GPS App. It sounds like a lot of the stories we’ve heard before: iPhone is stolen, they report it to the police, police track down thief with an iPhone tracking App. Simple enough, right?

Well, in this case, a woman’s phone was stolen from a hospital in Melbourne. Because the iPhone had a GPS App (unnamed in the original report) the police were able to track down the offender on a stolen bike. Police followed him on a helicopter. Yeah, a helicopter! The 16-year-old iPhone thief noticed the chopper flying overhead, and hopped off the bike he was trying to flee on (which also happened to be stolen) and got onto the tram. Luckily, ground police were waiting for him upon his exit. So, yeah, don’t mess with Aussie police. They will track you down with a freakin’ helicopter!

This is one of the coolest stories of tracking down a stolen iPhone we’ve heard, and believe us, we’ve heard a lot of stories, as you will find here.

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