Report: iPad 2 BLU Supplier Chosen

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A Digitimes report says that a supplier has been chosen for the backlight unit (BLU) for the second-gen iPad. 

If true, Taiwan-based firm Coretronic will be supplying the BLUs to Chimei Innolux and LG Display (responsible for building the iPad displays). When asked, Coretronic declined to comment on the matter.

Currently, the iPad 2 is expected to land sometime in early 2011, probably during the first four months, presumably around April, when the original iPad hit the market. Which is in line with what we heard earlier this week.

Digitimes also notes that, "Coretronic is the only BLU supplier of CMI for iPad 2, while LG Display is getting iPad 2 BLUs from Coretronic and Radiant Opto-Electronics."

If the report is accurate, this squashes speculation that the iPad 2 will have an OLED screen.

Currently, it's said that the TV spots for the iPad 2 have already been filmed.


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