Rumor: Best Buy to Offer Free iPhone 3GS With Contract

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Have that salt shaker ready? There's a new rumor circulating in interwebs that claims that Best Buy may offer a free iPhone 3GS on Friday, December 10 (Tomorrow) to new AT&T customers. It would be the 8GB phone (which is the only 3GS that's officially on the market right now) and may extend beyond new AT&T subscribers to include some who qualify for upgrades.

Supposedly, the sales are experiments from AT&T and Apple to see which offer does best. For Apple, it could mean keeping ahead of Android, and for AT&T, it could mean keeping customers before their iPhone exclusivity is lost.

Since nothing has been announced, details are minimal. We will keep you posted, but chances are we will know for sure tomorrow.

We know that Radio Shack also has a sale going on this week.

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