Rumor: Three Versions of the iPad 2 in Development

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Digitimes, a.k.a. the iPad Rumor Hub, is posted a new report saying that Apple is going to be releasing three versions of the upcoming iPad 2. If their sources are correct, the three models will support wifi, UMTS and CDMA in some combination or another (our guess is again a wifi model then two models that support wifi + UMTS/CDMA).

According to their sources, about 60 percent of current iPad shipments are 3G models. Because of this, Apple is said to be focusing on working more closely with carriers to offer more connect anywhere solutions for the iPad 2.

Also worth pointing out is that the iPad 2 should be more resistant to glare and smudges. The anti-glare in an attempt to compete with Kindle functionality. 

Digitimes also points out projections for the iPad 2. Sources say that the device is estimated to hit 40 million in shipments (not sales) in 2011.

We've already heard quite a few iPad 2 rumors, such as the updated speaker and the rumor about it shipping from the manufacturer within the next two months.

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