Skype Teases Video Chat (or Sharing?) With Mobile Devices

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Skype has launched a teaser campaign showing a bunch of what looks to be shared video. We say shared, because the conversation in each video only seems to be going one way. Now, either these people are carrying around laptops with MyFi hotspots, or they are using some kind of a mobile device. Like an iPhone. That wouldn't be very surprising though, because of the recent flub in which Skype posted a "how to" on how to use video chat on iOS devices. It was quickly pulled, but the damage had been done.

This is all happening just in time for the lead up to CES, which we figure will be when Skype reveals this feature. Perhaps not long after that or near it, we will hear official news on the iPad 2 (which we have been hearing will be equipped with a camera for photos or video conferencing). Remember, the original iPad announcement happened in January, and while was unrelated to CES, totally took over the tech world with news about Apple's new device.

Hit the link below to see the videos.

[Via Skype, via razorianfly]

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