Slow iTunes Downloads Caused by Google DNS?


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Reports are circulating the interwebs that some users are having issues with slow download times from services such as iTunes. This can be a problem if you are downloading a large file. For instance, renting a movie on your Apple TV.

Website Apple Insider (AI) says that centralized Domain Name Serivces such as Google DNS or Open DNS may be to blame.

They explain it with the following:

When millions of users all tap into the same DNS server addresses to resolve domain names, as Google DNS does by design, Akamai and other CDNs route content to those users along the same path, preventing the network from working optimally. This causes problems not only for Apple’s iTunes, but also any other media streaming or download service that uses a similar CDN strategy to distribute downloads.

In addition, Laura Oppenheimer of OpenDNS contacted AI to explain how such services may have an effect on devices like Apple TV. She explained that “OpenDNS has arrangements with a number of CDNs that make this a non-issue for the vast majority of OpenDNS + Apple TV users.”

She also noted that CDNs (content delivery networks) like Akamai (which is used by Apple) isn’t as optimal as it could be outside of North America. She also said that this really isn’t an issue for North America “since we have a sufficiently dense network topology,” adding that “we’re very open to working to improve end-user routing with Akamai, just as we have with other large CDNs.”

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