iOS Games: Thanks to the iPad, Cats Can Be Gamers Too

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Sorry, the cat doesn't seem to like pictures.

The iPad's Many Uses

Steve Jobs calls the iPad a magical device. While we are definitely fans of the tablet, magical may sound like a bit of a stretch, but what can you expect from the guy who's selling it to us? Of course that's not to say that the iPad isn't an awesome piece of hardware.

The Universal Computer

We've seen more uses for the device than most of us could have ever imagined when it was announced. Like the 100-year-old woman whose first computer was an iPad. The interface is something simple enough for a person with little to no experience on a personal computer can easily learn and understand.


We've also heard stories of the iPad being used to help children with autism or Asperger's syndrome. The touch-based interface and friendly presentation of many of these Apps can help the children develop skills. The example below shows a 4-year-old autistic child using the iPad with an application designed to teach grouping, matching and functional language, according to the video.



Reaching New Frontiers

Educational uses and accessibility for non-computer users is just the beginning. The most recent use for the iPad involves furry little animals that meow. That's right, the iPad is also a cat toy with this application. 


The App is called iPad Game for Cats, which makes it the most appropriately-named game on the App Store we've ever come across. It's simply a moving image on the iPad screen, such as a mouse or a red "laser" dot. As many of you may know, movement attracts cats (My cat, Bruce, used to jump at the TV while I played PlayStation 3 when he was a kitten). What's most interesting, however, is that this App takes that and literally makes it into a game. With the laser game, the little red dot "pops" when the cat touches it. It's okay, though, because another red dot will quickly make its way onto the screen for the cat to attack again.

Bruce the cat isn't de-clawed, but we haven't had to worry about him scratching the screen. Glass is very durable and is a good deal harder than his claws are. His playful tapping on the screen as he tries to catch the little red dot isn't enough to hurt the iPad. Now, if Bruce were a tiger, that may be a different story.


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