6 Reasons the Verizon iPhone May Be on the Way After All

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To be the Nation’s Fastest Network

Verizon is getting the iPhone, we hear it every year, but this year, we’ve been hearing it a lot more than ever before. Currently, the major phone companies are fighting for supremacy in the world of network speeds.

Still, there are quite a few factors coming into play that show that an iPhone Verizon release may be closer than we think. Let’s take a look at why that may be the case:


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1) Verizon’s Super-fast Network

Verizon’s LTE (Long-Term Evolution) network is being touted as the fasted and most advanced 4G network in the US, with speeds up to 10 times faster than their 3G network. As the name implies, it definitely sounds like a long-term project as they expect their 4G network to reach the area its 3G network currently covers by 2013. If it’s anywhere near as fast as the marketing talk makes it seem, it’s a great match for those folks downloading Apps and having FaceTime conversations. Of course AT&T isn’t just standing around, they have recently launched their “AT&T. The Nation’s Fastest. Period.” campaign.

The Analysts Say…

Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. recently gave his two cents on the matter, saying that the Verizon iPhone is now “closer to reality.”

2) Verizon is willing to agree to Apple’s Terms

Because of the iPhone’s popularity, Verizon is now more willing to accept Apple’s terms. He mentions that Apple’s strong sales have helped AT&T gain share over Verizon over the last two quarters while he Google’s Android has started to “lose some of its luster” for Verizon.

We all remember when Verizon announced that they would begin rolling out the iPad. Turns out it was an iPad wifi model bundled with a MiFi hotspot. It was an indication that Verizon was willing to agree to Apple’s terms, as long as it meant carrying the popular tablet computer.

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They even rolled out the major advertising

3) Verizon is also willing to pay up

It’s also noted that Verizon doesn’t want the device to be sold on T-Mobile and Sprint, and is likely willing to pay for that exclusivity. According to reports, this may be by paying a high price per handset, which may lower profit per phone.

4) Android sales are said to be slowing down:

According to Wu, Android Adoption seems to have stagnated on Verizon, even with the popular handsets they carry. As a whole, Android sales–while significant–are said to be slowing down as a whole, this is according to comScore, data. 

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Credit comScore

Further showing that there may be interest in a Verizon iPhone.


5) AT&T isn’t Popular with Consumers

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Many customers aren’t fans of AT&T. Some would rather carrier unlock their phone, and others simply won’t got with the iPhone despite the fact that they actually really like the iPhone. Most don’t care for the pricing structure and bandwidth limits. In fact, consumer reports lists AT&T as the worst of the major cellphone providers, behind (in order) U.S. Cellular, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Having the iPhone on a more popular network is in Apple’s best interests, and many consumers have expressed an interest in Verizon.

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Image from Engadget

6) iPhone Exclusivity Deal with AT&T…

Many know that Apple and AT&T have a five-year exclusivity deal, but its actually not clear when it expires. Even then, there may be ways to get around that contract, given Apple’s clout in the smartphone business, and AT&T’s shoddy service.

The Inevitable

It’s bound to happen one day. We figure that if analysts predict a Verizon iPhone every year, they are bound to be right eventually. As we stand, the planets seem to be properly aligning themselves for the launch of a Verizon iPhone. There is also word that Qualcomm is building the chip for the next iPhone, which also indicates a desire to expand to other carriers. If that is true, it won’t be long before we are hearing about a release date for Verizon iPhone.



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