4 Things We Know So Far About Cydia for Mac

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Mac Cydia

The Mac App Store is set to launch early next month. Meanwhile, Cydia creator Jay Freeman, known as Saurik, has already announced that he is working on a version of his popular iOS jailbreak software download portal that’s compatible with Mac OS X. This version will be called Mac Cydia. While many see Cydia as an alternative to Apple’s App Store, Saurik says that is not the case. According to him, it’s a way for developers to distribute mods for Mac users.

Aside from that, there is very little we know about Mac Cydia. For now, let’s take a look at the few things we do know about it:

1) CydiaSubstrate framework

The system modifications of Cydia are based on a framework called MobileSubstrate. The upcoming Mac Cydia is based on CydiaSubstrate, which can run on both iOS and on OS X. Seems the upcoming versions of Cydia will run on the same framework.

2) Simple to Download Customization Options Brought to Mac

Jailbreaking your iPhone is all about customization. Mac Cydia is also about customizing your experience. While some may say that OS X is already fairly customizable, Saurik says, “Until now, there has never been a way to easily install modifications to the system or third-party applications, as well as keep them updated.” He mentions an example such as wanting a modified versions of iTunes that does not ask them to perform an iOS update when the device is plugged in, may now do so. Keeping it updated and maintained will be much easier as well.


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3) Not an Alternative to Mac App Store

One thing that Saurik makes sure to mention is that this is NOT an alternative to the Mac App Store. “I started planning Mac Cydia long before Apple announced the Mac App Store…like the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store sells apps, not system modifications.” He further notes that if you want to sell Apps, Mac Cydia is not going to be the place to do it. It will, however, be a place where users can find ways to customize their Mac OS X experience further.

4) Available Within Weeks

Back when Saurik demoed the software to other OS X developers at the 360MacDev conference a couple of weeks back, he said that Mac Cydia should be up and running “within a few weeks.” We will be awaiting both Mac Cydia and the App Store for Mac to see how much closer to the iOS experience this brings us.

Mac Cydia, Information is Still Hard to Come By 

Information on Mac Cydia is sparse, but we will take what we can get for now. For now, all we can do is gather any information that comes around until it launches. Currently, it’s not even known if Mac Cydia will be a web-based application or downloadable software.  

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