Want AirPlay on Your Mac? Check Out AirPlayer

AirPlayer is an application developed by Erica Sadun that allows users to stream their content to any Mac. It’s free, and currently does not require a jailbroken device. However, a non-jailbroken device can only stream certain types of content. Stuff that’s DRM’d won’t work.

This is a very cool application, and it may be useful for those who don’t have an Apple TV. If you happen to have a nice, large monitor or one of those Mac Minis with the HDMI out, you already have a more capable Apple TV on your desk.

We installed the App and ran it. It’s very straightforward, and the entire process–from download to streaming playback–took less than a minute.

Have a look, it’s still in its early stages, but shows promise: Download AirPlayer here

As we’ve mentioned, Apple is definitely trying to hit the living room hard with these devices: AirPlay is probably their way into that area. Then, of course, there’s gaming.

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