With Teeth: Luxury iPhone Case Is Made From Real Dinosaur Fang

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Among the “Haunts of the Very Rich,” conspicuous consumption will never go out of style.  The key word here is “conspicuous:” if you can afford something outrageously expensive and/or incredibly exclusive, that’s going to make you stand out in the eyes of your fellow gazillionaires AND the hoi polloi alike.  Doesn’t matter if it’s an original Picasso, a limited-edition Lamborghini, or even Carrie Bradshaw’s mythical Manolo Blanik “Mary Jane” pumps — if you price it accordingly, someone with more money than they know what to do with will buy it, just because they can.

Stuart Hughes understands this mindset all too well, and to an almost cartoonish level.  Everything he designs has the “Luxury” qualifier stuck in front of it.  Want an iPad with a solid-gold case, because that brushed-aluminum from Uncle Steve isn’t ritzy enough?  Cost ya a mere ¬£109,995.00*.  Not ritzy enough? Try a Bang & Olufsen audio system, also in solid gold: a steal at ¬£1.2 meellion.

What’s that, you say?  Don’t need to go the Goldfinger route?  Want something more…economical?!?  Penny pincher.

Okay, here’s one for you: the iPhone 4 “History” case.  Sneering at your vaunted “Gorilla Glass,” Hughes substitutes a case made of meteor stone — and a 65 million-year-old fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth. History AND astronomy in one handheld package — and at ¬£39,995.00, practically chump change.

Does Marc Bolan know about this?  How about Michael Crichton?  Oh, wait, that’s right — they’re currently BOTH fossils…

Of course, you don’t have to be Paris Hilton rich ‘n’ stupid to trick out your iPhone — we’ve shown you how to be stupid on a budget.  Be sure to check out our past articles 9 Ridiculously Stupid iPhone Accessories and The Stupid iPhone Accessories Continue to Roll Out.  Just don’t be surprised to see us pointing and laughing as you piss your hard-earned dollars away.


*PS. Click the link to convert from British pounds to US greenbacks — or any currency of your choosing.  In any language, it’s still a buttload of moolah.

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