You’re Full Of Shirt: “Joke” T-Shirt Boasts iPad-Ready Pocket

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Any company who calls themselves "The." — and then blames the name on the short attention spans of the co-founders — already has a Master's degree in whimsy.  Their (appropriately) brief and quirky product line includes "Anti-Theft Lunch Bags" (with fake mold splotches – US$8.00 for 25 bags), sunglasses redesigned as a bowtie (US$30.00), a multimedia speaker shaped like a speech balloon (US$99.95)…

…and this T-shirt (also US$30.00), which proves you don't need to be the Iron Giant to tuck your iPad into your breast pocket.  (Don't have an iPad?  We'll bet the pocket doubles as a handy papoose for your infant!)  Available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-large.

Oh, and if you buy any of The.'s fine products before December 15, shipping's on them.

Still doesn't beat these fashionable iPad accessories, or the Style Shirt we all loved (to ridicule) so much.


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