Akai’s SynthStation 49 May Be Our New Favorite iPad Accessory

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Now this is how you make an accessory for the iPad. It's way cooler than anything we heard about at CES.

It's a 49-key MIDI controller with a built-in iPad dock designed for playing back an iPad App. Now word on whether the keys can be mapped to other similar applications such as piano Apps and other virtual iPad synths. Still, if the price is right, this can be a very cool toy. Keep in mind, this also has USB, MIDI and audio out. Meaning you can use the 1/4" outs for playing back iPad audio and the MIDI out can be used for controlling various other devices while the USB port can let you interface with software such as Logic Pro or Garage Band.

Unfortunately, there is no price or release date has been announced, so we can only hope for something reasonable. If not, you can always go for the traditional method of playing music with your iPad. Either rocks, as this gal was able to show us.

Our other question: Does it charge your iPad while in use?

[Via Akai]

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