All Your Baseband Are Belong To Us: iTunes Code Hints At Apple/Qualcomm Partnership

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With all the recent poking about in the latest iOS 4.3 beta, it's easy to forget that Apple has tons of other software whose digital entrails clever hackers can grovel through to divine the House of Jobs' next big move.

Over in Italy — home of Ferrari cars, Beretta handguns, and Monica Belluci boobs — the hacker known as Zibri was recently tiptoeing through a decompile of the latest edition of iTunes.  To his surprise, he stumbled upon some code that suggested that Qualcomm would be providing the baseband for future iDevices — possibly the iPhone 5 and/or iPad 2.

Why is this significant?  Well, Qualcomm pretty much invented the CDMA cellular standard that Verizon Sprint in the US (and a few Chinese and Indian networks) call their own.  And while it hasn't been 100% confirmed, evidence is strong that the CDMA radios in the Verizon iPhone will have a Qualcomm imprint.

Now, this could mean one of three things: (1) current support for the "vPhone" 4, (2) potential support for future Verizon-branded iDevices that run on a CDMA network (e.g. a "vPad" that doesn't need a mobile hot spot), and/or (3) the oft-rumored GSM/CDMA dual-mode iPhone.  We'd rank this as, respectively: highly likely, not far-fetched, and "we"ll believe it when we see it."


[Via Apple Insider]

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