App Store Poised For Ten BEEELLIONTH Download. There Will Be Prizes.

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Man, how time flies.  Apple launched the App Store in 2008; come April of the following year, they celebrated their one billionth download.  (The lucky sod who triggered that giga-download — and prize swag that included US$10,000 in iTunes credit — was all of thirteen years old at the time.)

Again, remember that date: April of Ought-Nine.  Because less than two years later, the App Store is counting down to app download number TEN billion.  Yes, folks, that's a 10 followed by nine zeros.  That's not an exponential increase so much as it's damn near vertical.

And how are the House of Jobs gonna celebrate this tenfold increase in app downloads?

Um…another US$10,000 iTunes gift card.  To hell with inflation.

Click here to get all the details, or just to watch the digit counters fall a la "Pinball Wizard…"

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