Apple Continues to Show Some Interest in Shopping

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Apple is looking to patent avatars based on a person to help with shopping needs. Now, these aren't like the cute Miis of Nintendo's games or the oddly proportioned Xbox Avatars. These are designed to be based on your body type, and represent you as accurately as possible. The idea? To give you a means of "trying stuff on" without being there. It also sounds likely that it could help you figure out what size of a particular article of clothing you may need (We just go with XXX-large, that way it definitely fits now, and it definitely fits if we become a little fluffy later in life).

Here's the description: 

This is directed to a personalized avatar providing a true representation of the user's body, such that the avatar provides a substantially accurate graphical representation of the user's body. The avatar can be defined using any suitable approach, including by providing measurements of the user's body or extracting measurements from photographs of the user. The user can direct an electronic device to apply selected articles of clothing, accessories, or other items to the user's avatar to preview the appearance of the items on the user. In some embodiments, an electronic device can recommend different clothing items or other objects based on the user's body type.
This is somewhat interesting, because we've seen that Apple has been playing with various shopping ideas. Such as mall maps with item locations, and a social network for shopping.
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You can enter specific information about your body's measurements. This can save relationships as you may no longer have to answer the question, "Honey, does this dress make me look fat?"

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