Apple Seeks Patent on Custom Storefronts for Enterprise Users

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Apple has applied for a patent for providing a customized storefront based on user profiles. In the its current form, it's described as something to be used for enterprise.

For example, if you work for an employer that provides you with an iPhone, you can login and based on a saved profile, you will be able to download certain Apps built solely for employees of your company. To App Store users outside of the company, said Apps do not even exist.

We haven't used iPhones for enterprise yet (perhaps a reader has and can let us know whether or not this is a new concept for Apple), but it all makes you wonder how many custom Apps we will never know about that Cupertino uses for their employees.

Here's the description:

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a system and method of providing customized access to an electronic storefront for downloading software for a mobile device based on authorization data stored on the mobile device. In one embodiment, mobile devices have stored one or more profile. Each profile is signed by a particular entity (a particular developer or enterprise) and includes authorization data authorizing one or more devices to install and use software associated with the entity. A content management application associated with the storefront (e.g., iTunes) identifies one or more storefronts associated with the entities of authorized profiles for a particular device upon access to the storefront and provides the entity storefronts to a user of the device based on the authorization data stored on the device. In one embodiment, a profile is authorized, e.g., using encryption and installed to the device by the particular entity. Software for which distribution is limited to those authorized by an enterprise or other entity is thus only available for download to a properly profiled and authorized device.


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