Apple To Verizon: No Crapware, Please

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The House of Jobs has laid down the law with new iPhone partner Verizon Wireless: do NOT preload our phones with junk software.

Speaking at the NYC launch of the "vPhone," Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller told the attending throngs that Verizon had been specifically requested not to sell the phones with their usual collection of proprietary (and hard to remove) revenue-generating apps such as Vcast and Navigator. 

For years, Blackberry and Android users on Verizon have struggled mightily to bypass or even remove this fritterware, often resorting to rooting their phones.  To make matters worse, Droid users have been caught with their pants down when Verizon included crapware in their over-the-air OS upgrades.

The to-bundle-or-not-to-bundle issue has been a sticking point in Apple/Verizon negotiations.  In fact, according to the vPhone FAQ, Verizon will pre-install a 3G Mobile Hotspot "app" (actually an OS tweak), with Vcast and Navigator available for download from the App Store if desired.

Still, this was enough for Schiller to declare "We want the experience to be the same for every iPhone user.  So there are no special Verizon apps preinstalled. AT&T offers customers some apps via the App Store. I'll let Verizon comment if they are working on anything for that."

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