Apple’s All-Time Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

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There are plenty of free Apps around the App Store. A quick search will find you everything from useful tools and utilities to games and entertainment applications. Unfortunately, there are times when there is so much out  there that it seems impossible to keep up and know what's worth your time and what's not…even when it's free.

Luckily, Apple puts together lists of their most popular Apps. One of those list is the most popular free iPhone downloads. Why not take a look at what's out there?

1) Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in‚Ķwell, probably ever. Heck, they even made a movie about the drama surrounding its founder. The Facebook App for iPhone and iPod Touch brings many of the features of the website to iOS. 


2) Pandora Radio

We don’t know that this is the best of the streaming radio services, but it’s definitely the most popular. It definitely does what you need it to do. Still, if you are interested in Pandora, check out some of the other Apps that do similar things and may be just as cool.


3) Google Mobile

Google Mobile is like several Apps in one. It gives you some of the functions you would find on an Android phone, but within an App. Tools such as the awesome voice input search, which works very well, and Google Goggles, the application that lets you identify objects such as books and landmarks by snapping a photo.


4) Shazam

This App does some pretty crazy things. When you hear some music you like, you can hold your iPhone up to the speaker (or the source of the music) and it will identify the song and artist you are listening to. It can even link you to the iTunes listing of the song if you decide you like it enough to purchase it.


5) Movies

This is a great App for movie lovers. Check movie showtimes, releases, buy tickets, see what’s coming and more. It even offers Rotten Tomatoes ratings. It’s definitely worth picking up if you want to know what’s on.


6) The Weather Channel

Just what you’d expect. It’s the weather. Of course there is more to it than just the daily and weekly forecasts. You can check out the map, videos, severe weather warnings and even share things on Facebook. You know, just in case you feel like telling your friends that you are sitting in the middle of hurricane-force winds.


7) Google Earth

“Hold the world in the palm of your hand” the description reads. We love cheesy little marketing blurbs like that. Still, the App is pretty cool in that it lets you check out various parts of the world that you may never get to visit. Sure, it’s not as awesome as being there, but it’s free, so it costs a lot less than traveling, right?


8) Bump

Bump is a rad little piece of software that lets you share information with other iPhone users on the same wireless network. For example, if you want to exchange numbers, email and contact photos with a friend you simply launch Bump and bump your phones together.


9) Skype

Skype is great, especially now with the addition of video conferencing on the iPhone (which works over both wifi and 3G). As we‚Äôve mentioned in the past, one of the best things about Skype is how popular it is. Many users have it, so it‚Äôs less likely that you have to convince someone you know to download the software and create a username. 


10) Paper Toss

Who ever would have thought that a simple game about flicking a piece of crumpled paper into a wastebasket would be this much of a success? Yeah, it’s free, so people will naturally download it for kicks. Still, it’s become a very popular game and will only continue to receive downloads.


Free Apps a'Plenty

With all those free applications for iPhone, you have to have some sort of recommendation. Those above are the most downloaded. What are some of your favorite free Apps?


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