Apple’s All-Time Top 10 Paid iPad Apps

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Earlier today, we looked at some of the top free iPad Apps. The list was composed of the 10 most downloaded free iPad Apps of all time. Now, it's time to have a look at the top 10 paid iPad Apps of all time.

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1) SoundHound  -$4.99

This App will identify a song by simply having you play it into the speaker or even hum the tune if you'd like. It's interesting how it works, and so long as you can hum somewhat in tune and rhythm, you should be able to get the name of the song.


2) StickWars 99 cents

StickWars is a simple little game in which you must defend your castle walls against the oncoming army of stick figures. The game becomes increasingly hard, but never ends. You can capture enemy stick figures and have them join your ranks.


3) FlightTrack – $4.99

This application tracks flights, and is very useful for frequent fliers. Whether it's to track your own flights or track a flight for a relative or friend that should be flying in. The App says it covers more than 4,000 airports worldwide, and full international flight coverage with 1,400 airlines. You can also sync flight times with your phone's calendar and share your flight status via email, Facebook or Twitter.


4) Backbreaker Football - 99 cents

Enjoy sports games? Backbreaker Football is a great quality game for football fans. The graphics are great and it's fun to see a football game that's not Madden for a change.


5) Calorie Tracker - $2.99

It's not too late to work on that resolution you made for the new year. This App tracks your current weight and caloric intake. Enter your daily activity and track how many you've burned. Then you can view a weight chart and know how well you are going along. 


6) BlocksClassic – 99 cents

This is basically the classic Breakaway game many of us remember. You bounce a ball off a small moving platform at the bottom of the screen and hit blocks to break them down. 


7) iFart Mobile – 99 cents

Advertised as the world's most popular fart machine. It's an application that lets you create fart sounds. Somehow, fart apps became popular on the App Store, and there were plenty. Then Apple finally had to say, they didn't need another fart app. This one may be one of the applications that started it all.


8) GoodReader – $2.99

This is a reader that can open many of the most popular file formats such as PDF, MS Office, iWork, HTML, images, audio and video. One of the best parts is that it eliminates bars and buttons along the side of the screen, so all you see is the page. Nothing else. Proofreaders will like having the ability to highlight, draw, add stickies and just about anything else they may want to do as they check a page.


9) Cro-Mag Rally – $3.99

If you are a fan of games like Mario Kart, this may an interesting cartoon racer for iPad owners. What's cool is that it has online play, and you can race others over wifi and 3G with GameCenter.


10) Ambiance – $2.99

 This is an App with various soothing sounds designed to block out outside noise. Say you have a headache, and someone outside is using a leaf blower, why not pop your earbuds on and relax to the sound of a water running through a creek? There are plenty of sound generator apps like this one, but Ambiance is the most popular one for sure.


Other Top Apps

We also put together App lists for the iPhone. You can read up on the top 10 free iPhone Apps of all time and the top 10 paid iPad Apps of all time.

There are lots of available Apps, and not all of them are useful. A good way to judge is definitely to read up some reviews and see how popular the App is overall. That said, there are way too many out there to just go out there and hope for something good all the time. What Apps would you recommend to fellow readers? Leave some comments.

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