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Looking for some great paid Apps? We've already looked at the good free stuff. As we mentioned with those free applications, with everything the App market has to offer, it's hard to find stuff that's worth your time. With paid Apps, not only do you want the download to be worth your time, you want it to be worth your money. Yeah, 99 cents is almost nothing, but it adds up, especially when there are a lot of junk apps out there.


Let's take a look at the stuff that gets more attention:



1) Doodle Jump99 cents

The App description even makes sure to remind us that it's the all-time top paid iPhone App in the US App Store. We are sure they are pretty happy about that (We'd be just as thrilled). It's a simple little game in which you play that little doodle guy that bounces up some platforms moving higher and higher. You control his movements by tilting.


2) Tap Tap Revenge 3 – 99 cents

Tap Tap Revenge 3 is a music/rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band in the sense that you must hit various colored markers to the beat of the music. It's very popular, and continues to sell even with similar games showing up to compete in the genre. Could be because the 99-cent price point is very welcoming.


3) Pocket God – 99 cents

In Pocket God you get to watch over a small island and its inhabitants. You can make their lives miserable by throwing them in water for the sharks, tossing them in volcanos, turning them into zombies or vampires and various other forms of sadistic torture. It's okay though. The violence is cartoony and is more humorous than upsetting.

4) Angry Birds99 cents

You've heard of this one. A bunch of little piggies steal the birds' eggs. The Angry Birds then come back to attack the pigs by launching themselves at their little fortresses with a slingshot. It's been asked why the birds don't just fly over and take their eggs back, and no one will ever know the real answer. Still, it's good fun.


5) Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 – 99 cents

This is another version of Tap Tap Revenge. What can we say other than it's a similar game with different songs? 

6) Bejeweled 2 + Blitz99 cents

Warning. This game is addictive. In fact, anything that PopCap makes is very addictive. In a sense it's two games in one. Yes, they are variations of the same game. But Blitz is a fun little title that lets you take on your Facebook friends and feels faster-paced than the original. 


7) Traffic Rush – 99 cents

Traffic Rush is a simple to learn, but difficult to master game in which you manage cars crossing an intersection. Apparently, the drivers are driving with their eyes closed and these people haven't learned about stoplights. Still, it makes for an interesting gaming experience.


8) Tap Tap Revenge Classic – $1.99

Well lookie here. Another Tap Tap Revenge game. Those folks at Tapulous can't be doing bad if three of their Apps are in the top ten paid apps of all time. Still, this is the game that started it all for Tap Tap Revenge.

9) AppBox Pro – 99 cents

At 99 cents, this App is a must-have. It's a small download (less than 20MB at v1.7.1) and offers plenty of essential tools to the iPhone user. It's actually several useful applications in one.

10) Flight Control – 99 cents

Guide planes to a landing strip and help some of them take off safely. It starts out easy, but soon becomes very hectic. The good news is that it's also very fun, and is probably one of our favorite of the list.


99 Cents is the Magic Number

All but one of these Apps have something in common. They are 99 cents. That's very telling about paid apps. We aren't surprised that the pricier applications running at $10 and up aren't going to be downloaded a lot. Oh well, like every App, there are good ones and bad ones, at any price.

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