AT&T Fights Back: Offers Better Texting Plan Than Verizon

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AT&T and Verizon will be going head-to-head in the coming months as they try to tell you why they offer the better iPhone service. It's expected from two major players in the US cellular business. We've heard trash talk before, when a PR person for AT&T said they didn't think Verizon iPhone users were ready for "life on the slow lane."

Now they are improving their texting plans and dropping their $5 for 200 text and $15 for 1,500 plans and are doing a $10 for 1,000 or $20 for unlimited texting. Those with the old plans will be grandfathered in and can keep the plans they already had.

Yes it may take more than a better texting plan to convince people to choose AT&T over Verizon, but it's a move forward.

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