Broadcast News: iDevices To Get Plug-In TV Receiver

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Think of the Tivizen as the iPhone/iPad version of rabbit-ear TV antennas.  The US$99.00 gizmo, which just debuted at CES and is scheduled to hit stores in June, plugs into your iDevice's 30-pin connector and (along with a free app) receives and displays over-the-air digital television (DTV) signals.  The Tivizen's built-in battery (to avoid draining that in your iDevice) gives you 2.5 hours of viewing.

Most of the major network affiliates in metropolitan areas are expected to support mobile DTV.  And unlike FilmOn's questionably-legal "secondary transmission" of TV shows, Tivizen is 100% legal-kosher.  The question is: with streaming-video options from Netflix, Hulu, and the networks themselves, are consumers willing to part with another C-note just to watch their local news, talk shows, and soaps?

[Via GigaOm]

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