Buy Or Die! Best Buy Initiates “Buy-Back” Program For Frequent Upgraders

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Boy Genius Report has details about a new "buy back" program initiated by big-box retailer Best Buy.  For an additional US$59.95 at the time of purchase, customers of frequently-upgraded gadgets (ostensibly smart phones, but other gizmos qualify as well)  can then "trade up" to the next-gen hardware version for a sliding percentage of the original price (50% for the first six months, 40% for months 6-18, and 20% for months 19-25).  In the example shown above, a phone with a retail cost of $599.99 can be exchanged with a newer phone for a refund of $299.99.  There are also hints that the program can be combined with a Geek Squad protection contract for a reduced price.

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