California Court Approves Sony Restraining Order Against GeoHot


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Well, doesn't look like we will be getting GeoHot's (whose real name is George Hotz) untethered iOS 4.2 jailbreak anytime soon. What's worse is that Sony seems to be trying to make an example of the dude with a lawsuit. According to the Washington Post, a recently filed restraining order against the famed hacker, was recently granted by the courts. This was over the key he released that allowed for PlayStation 3 owners to put another operating system on their console.

Sony's claim is that it opened the door to piracy. While it's true that the other OS feature does open the door to piracy, it doesn't necessarily mean that GeoHot condones piracy. He's gone on the record saying that (of course we can't read the guy's mind, either).

We don't claim to be legal experts, but as far as we know jailbreaking a device is legal. The restraining order bars him from releasing the code, and forces him to remove it from his website despite the fact that it's already all over the internet. He must also turn over all his computers, hard drives and anything else that can be used as evidence.

Simple, right? Just delete anything you don't want them to see. Not so fast, as that would probably just be considered attempting to destroy evidence, and get him into real trouble. Let's just hope he doesn't have some strange kind of porn or nudie pics saved on his computer.

Anyone else think Sony should just hire him to help build security into their next system?

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