Cause For Alarm: 2011 Begins With New iPhone Alarm Bug

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Remember the iPhone Daylight Savings Time bug of 2010?  Sucked, didn't it?

Well, lucky us: it wasn't the only one.  A number of iPhone users who rely on their smartphones to wake them in the morning…weren't woken up, at least for the first two days of the New Year.

Like the DST Bug, it first occurred in New Zealand (those folks, remember, are on the near side of the International Date Line) — and like the DST Bug, it affected folks with non-repeating alarm clocks that didn't go off once the year flipped over.  (If you did have repeating alarms, you shouldn't have experienced it.)

According to Engadget, Apple insists the bug would right itself come January 3.  But two alarm-clock bugs in the space of a couple of months?  That's something to lose sleep over…


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