Gripping Yarns: Verizon iPhone Sports New Antenna Design

Aside from the fact that the Verizon iPhone 4 sports, y'know, a totally different chipset than the rest of the GSM world, the biggest design news so far is a tweak of the infamous antenna bezel.

As you might recall, when Apple and AT&T first released the i4, one of the biggest customer gripes was the so-called "death grip:" holding the iPhone in such a way that your finger bridged the gap between any two of the three separate external antenna strips often (though not always) resulted in a precipitous drop of signal strength.  Apple's initial response of "Well, don't do that, then!" was eventually modulated to "Okay, we'll give you a free bumper case so you CAN'T touch the damn antenna…"

The CDMA version of the i4 now sports four splits in the antenna bezel, one in each corner.  According to a separate report in the New York Times, the new four-piece bezel was actually a design modification specifically for the CDMA circuitry.  Unanswered at this time are (a) how/if the new antenna design will combat the "death grip" and (b) if it does, how soon does the Death Star's iPhones get the fix?


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