Hope I Passed The Audition: New Guitar App For iPad


Tired of playing Guitar Hero and/or Rockband on your smartphone?  Desiring to actually MAKE some real music?  There are certainly plenty of guitar-playing apps out there (e.g. Frontier Design's Guitar for iPhones or Active Frequency's Rockout for Android).

OMGuitar, on the other hand, is…different.  First, it's clearly optimized for the larger real estate of the iPad screen.  Secondly, you play it by strumming the guitar strings with one hand, while pressing chord keys with the other.

And, as the video clearly shows, if you're a cute female singer running late for an audition, there's no better way to wow the judges than by whipping out your iPad, firing up OMGuitar, and belting out Garbage's "Only Happy When It Rains."  Smiles and toe-tapping are sure to follow. App link.

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