How to Get AirPlay Working on Your 1st-Gen Apple TV

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When the Apple TV 2G was shown off in September 2010, users of the original model were left far behind. Unfortunately, that’s the technology industry, and there’s little we can do about it short of avoiding gadgets altogether. Of course most of us won’t do that, either. Luckily, there’s often a way to work with what you have and turn it into something more useful. In this case, it’s the original Apple TV.

Some of you may remember a while back when we showed you how to hack the old school Apple TV to run Boxee and XBMC (Tutorial here).

Now, let’s learn how to run AirPlay on your old 1st-Gen Apple TV:

(Warning: This was not tested by iSmashPhone. Try it at your own risk. That said, if you do try it out, feel free to let people know in the comments what your experiences were.)

Here’s what you need:

1) iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Remote HD ($3.99 at App Store).

2) Apple TV running software version 3.0 or newer.


Carefully read and follow the instructions below:

– Install Remote HD Plugin on Apple TV  (Unlock your Apple TV)

– Use an SSH-client, Cyberduck for Mac or even your OS X terminal will work.

– Connect to Apple TV by logging in with the default username and password: frontrow

This is how you would connect to Apple TV with Terminal:

ssh frontrow@appletv.local

password: frontrow

– You will now be connected to your Apple TV and you can run the following commands, which will download, uncompress and install the plugin:

scp .

tar xvf RemoteHelper.tar


(You may get asked for a password again. It’s still frontrow)


Now you are ready to restart your Apple TV and you are good to go.


Go to Remote HD’s official website for more info: here

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