How to Prevent a Thief From Deactivating Find My iPhone

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As many of you may know, Find My iPhone is now available as a free service for compatible devices. It's a service that lets users track their iOS device should it become lost or stolen. It's actually helped some users find their devices and catch the thieves who thought they were getting away with a new iPhone.

In case you haven't yet been made familiar with the service, we have a guide for registering your device (link) and we suggest that you do, because it won't do you any good to try registering your device after the fact, should something happen.

The bad news is that a smart thief can easily deactivate the service if they know that your iDevice may be linked to Find my iPhone. Luckily, you can keep them from doing that.

User Crisss1205 at Macworld's Mac OS X Hints forums has a solution:

1) Settings > General > Restrictions

2) Turn on "Restrictions" and create a four-digit code that only you would know.

3) Look for "Allow Changes:" from there you will switch off "Location" and "Accounts."  This prevents people from making changes to your location services and to the accounts linked to the device. They will need your four-digit passcode to do it.

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